It all began centuries ago when sailors began fortifying barrels of sherry with fiery hot peppers. The all purpose seasoning was used to mask the less than appetizing taste of rancid ship rations. Not exactly an alluring origin and perhaps they would have been more precise to call it “Peppered Sherry” but... we cannot rewrite history.

Bird Peppers

During the 19th Century, the British Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda was one of the largest and most strategic maritime bases in the world. Transient Royal Navy shipmen shared their incendiary sauce with sea-faring and land-bound Bermudians who eagerly adopted and enhanced the recipe. At this time, Bermuda was mainly a maritime and agricultural society. Bermudians began cultivating quality pequin peppers (or “bird” peppers as they are known locally) to trade with the sailors who had onboard, readily available casks of sherry. It was a mutually beneficial matrimony of convenience…

Bermuda Sherry Peppers were born. In 1964, Yeaton Duval Outerbridge, YDO to his friends, and his cousin Robert “Robbie” Dean Outerbridge decided to brew up a batch of Bermuda Sherry Peppers for use at Robbie’s Harbourfront Restaurant in Hamilton. Soon, locals and visitors alike were requesting a sample to take home. YDO recognized a business opportunity and began to commercially brew and bottle his Original Sherry Peppers in the basement of the family homestead at “Villa Monticello” in Flatts Village. Since then, Outerbridge’s Original has become synonymous with Bermuda Sherry Peppers. Nearly every restaurant and pantry in Bermuda contains a bottle of Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Peppers. It is  THE Bermuda hot sauce that predates the hot sauce craze by decades. A Chef’s in America Award Foundation - Gold Medal Winner,  Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Peppers features 17 herbs and spices and is the cornerstone of all our products; what we like to call “The Flavour and the Fire”. How hot is it? Actually quite mild. An independent authority rated Outerbridge’s Original at 146 on the Scoville Scale.

Today, Outerbridge Peppers Limited offers a full line of twenty-six products including our Sherry Rum Peppers (blending the two common additives for Bermuda Fish Chowder), Devilishly Hot Sherry Peppers (which is twelve times hotter than the original), our Full Hot Mustard Sauce and our Royal Full Hot Rum Peppers.

For the unacquainted, in Bermuda, if you have indulged in several adult beverages, you may be considered “hot”; "legless" or "feeling no pain"… you are “full hot”. If you have disappeared for two or three days and your family is about to officially report you missing, you’re on a “Royal Full Hot”. This may explain why many consider the National Anthem of Bermuda to be the Soca classic “Hot, Hot, Hot” by Arrow (1982) and covered by Buster Poindexter in 1987.

Other popular products include our Swashbuckling Steak Sauce, Sizzling Soy Sauce Barbecue Sauces  Spiced Jellies (available HOT or MILD), Bermuda Rum Swizzle Mix Bermuda Swizzle Taffy, ready-to-serve Bermuda Fish Chowder, Admiral’s Spicy Cocktail Onions, Outerbridge’s Original Cookbook and our marinade and rub spice packs;  Righteous Ribs,  Fantastic Fish, Bodacious Beef and Peerless Chicken. Please take some time to review our website and   visit us on Facebook to give us your endorsement. if you need more information or if you just want to visit. Try all our products, in YDO’s words, “We do hope you enjoy them!”

Yeaton Duval OuterbridgeFamily man, businessman, sportsman, inventor, publisher, ambassador, historian, philanthropist, entrepreneur… Yeaton Duval Outerbridge enjoyed, in his own words, an "outstanding innings." A fourteenth generation Bermudian, YDO was born on December 22nd 1926, the second son of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Alexander Outerbridge of Bailey’s Bay. He is a descendant of Thomas Outerbridge, who settled in Bermuda from Yorkshire, England circa 1620, the same year the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock aboard the Mayflower. There is a local adage that bears testament to the family’s historical influence… “Bermuda is a chain of islands connected by Outerbridges.”

Yeaton attended Whitney Institute and Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda.  He served in Bermuda's Territorial Army during the Second World War, and later attended the New York Institute of Photography. When he returned to Bermuda, the affable Outerbridge embarked on a long career in sales. He was associated with A.J. Gorham Limited, Hand Arnold Limited, Bermuda Wines and Spirits and The Bermuda Paint Company where he was Director of Sales for over thirty years. He founded Somers Distillers and created Bermuda Gold, a popular loquat based liqueur. He was also a founder of Island Press Limited and Preview Magazine.

Yeaton supported Bermuda in hosting the Third World Sunfish Championship in 1972, the 1983 World Windsurfing Championships and the 1986 Tornado World Championships. He served as sports commentator for the Newport-Bermuda Ocean Yacht Race managed the yachting team at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 and was Chef-de-Mission for the Bermuda contingent at the 1979 Pan American Games in Puerto Rico.  In 1986, Yeaton was elected President of the  Bermuda Olympic Association and was acknowledged for his achievement in the House of Assembly  In 2001, YDO was invited by the Government of Bermuda to represent the island at the 35th annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall in Washington D.C. He also promoted the Bermuda Culinary Arts Festival by sponsoring the Outerbridge Cup, awarded for the Best Amateur Fish Chowder as judged by a panel of professional chefs and food experts.

Yeaton was congratulated by the Bermuda Parliament in 1986 for his efforts in raising $20,000 for the Statue of Liberty Restoration Fund and has been involved in numerous local benevolent endeavors including Outerbridge Peppers’ sponsorship of luger Simon Payne, Bermuda’s first Winter Olympian, who competed in the 1992 Albertville and 1994 Lillehammer Games. He was a member of The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, The Mid-Ocean Club, The Coral Beach Club and The Conanicut Yacht Club.