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“Fantastic best kept secret!”  – Wendy M. (California)


Outerbridge's Original Sherry Peppers

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A Chefs in America Awards Foundation Gold Medal winner, this is our flagship product and the cornerstone of all our sauces; gives them what we call, “The Flavour and the Fire”! Customarily used to enhance Bermuda Fish Chowder, it is sensational in any soup or stew, marvelous for marinades and superb when sprinkled over pan-fried fish or scrambled eggs. Also available in 750ml Chef size bottles and attractive cruets!

Outerbridge's Sherry Rum Peppers

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A classic blend of Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Peppers and black rum, the traditional additives for Bermuda Fish Chowder. We have made it easy by combining them into a distinctly handy shaker bottle. Try a dash on raw clams and oysters too. Economize with our 750ml Chef’s Bottle and refillable cruets.

Royal Full Hot Rum Peppers

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A distinctive blend using black rum instead of sherry, this piquant Outerbridge’s sauce adds a new dimension to any seafood dish, hot or cold. Splendid in a chowder or bouillabaisse; sizzle a seafood cocktail or tuna sandwich. A customer in Tennessee adds Outerbridge’s “Rum Pepper sauce is great in my Pot Roast!”

Devilishly Hot Sherry Peppers

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Bermuda was The Isle of Devils during the Age of Exploration and this fiery sauce is for the adventurous. Twelve times hotter than Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Peppers. Use it for hyper-hot wings or in your favorite chili recipe for a bona fide five-alarm effect! Next movie night, try this as a no-sodium, low-calorie boost for popcorn.

Full Hot Mustard Sauce

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The perfect blend of white wine and aromatic mustard, fused with the Flavour and the Fire of Outerbridge’s Original. Ideal as a glaze for ham or fish. Discover what your Caesar salad has been yearning or perfect the simple ham and cheese sandwich.

Swashbuckling Steak Sauce

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YDO says "This is what steak has been waiting for" and customers agree! But this superlative sauce also enhances burgers, pork, wild game and especially roasted duck. Also, try our Barbecue Sauces, available Mild and Devilishly Hot.

Sizzling Soy Sauce

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Asian-Island fusion… this delightful sauce is the perfect augment for any dish where conventional soy sauce is used. Try Outerbridge's Sizzling Soy Sauce with fried rice or to spice-up sushi. Add a few shakes to intensify a marinade and make kebabs distinctive.

Bloody Mary Fix

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Unequivocally indispensible! The secret ingredient for the ultimate Bloody Mary or Caesar. Local bartenders have been using Outerbridge’s Original in Bermuda Mary’s for years…so YDO fashioned this exceptional specialty condiment just for the bar.

Wine Vinegar Peppers

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Red wine vinegar scented with herbs and fortified with heat. This versatile vinaigrette can be used unaccompanied or to augment conventional salad dressings, béarnaise, hollandaise or mignonette sauces.

Gourmet Selection Tote

Convenient gift box carries any four shaker bottles selected from above. Please note that you must ALSO order four shaker bottles from above by separately adding them to your shopping basket.